Emergency Care - Toothaches

Emergency Care

Do your teeth need immediate attention? Do you have a painful Broken Tooth? Do you have a tooth ache that has kept you up All NIGHT?

We understand how miserable life can be with a painful toothache and we offer treatments to alleviate the pain and get you back to normal daily life. If you call our Office you will be Seen on the Same DAY it is our pledge to help all toothaches or emergencies.

Our office is open Monday through Friday and we see all Tooth Aches on the SAME DAY. Your comfort and dental health is our top priority. WE do our best to accommodate all patients even New Patients looking for emergency dental treatment in Stillwater or Emergency Dental Treatment in Perkins.

Call our office at (405) 708-6644 to set up an appointment and we will do our absolute best to see you that day even if it is on the lunch hour or after hours. Tooth Pain is no laughing matter and we are here to help you.