Root Canals

Root Canals

Ideally, we like to avoid root canals whenever possible by treating tooth decay with a filling before the tooth gets any worse.

However, whenever a patient doesn't visit our Perkins dental office in time, the decay and bacteria might have already reached the canal system in the center of the tooth. At that point the patient might be experiencing severe pain and swelling as the body tries to fight off the infection.

At this point it's necessary to perform a root canal.

Fortunately, a root canal is a simple procedure where Dr. Marriott or Dr. Josh will remove the existing nerve and bacteria and then fill that space with a safe material called gutta percha. This material seals the tooth and moves the infection to the outside of the tooth where your body can naturally heal itself. This simple procedure will save your natural tooth from having to be removed, so you won't have to worry about getting dental implants or bridges.

This process might sound painful and little scary, but we assure you that we take every measure to make the process as smooth and painless for you as possible. We will numb the area completely and provide you with nitrous oxide if desired. We have several levels of sedation available for those who are especially anxious about the procedure, so please bring this up to the doctor when you arrive.

Following your treatment, you will be able to drive home and you probably will be comfortable returning to your normal routine shortly thereafter. Once you have a root canal, the tooth will be vulnerable and should be crowned to protect it from damage.

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