Cavity Detection

Intraoral Camera with Cavity Detection

Ever wish you could see exactly what the dentist sees? Using our new intraoral camera SOPROLIFE® now you can! We can take digital pictures of your teeth to show you exactly what Dr. Brasher sees giving you the chance to partner with us in treating your oral health. Intraoral camera technology helps enhance your understanding of your diagnosis.

To watch a short video clip of how SOPROLIFE® works click here.

SOPROLIFE® intraoral camera also uses cavity detection software to distinguish between healthy and decayed tooth structure. With the help of imaging software it can help our doctors diagnose decay on top or between the teeth, helping us excavate only the decayed area. SOPROLIFE® becomes an indispensable aid for minimally invasive dentistry.

Intraoral Demo Digital imaging is a great tool that aids in communication and patient education. By taking digital photographs both inside the patient’s mouth and of the patients smile, the dentist and the patient can now view problem areas together and discuss the best course of treatment. Digital imaging helps patients to make informed decisions about how to best maintain a healthy smile.

We use digital imaging not only to detect, diagnose, and discuss oral health issues, but we also use it as a tool to aid in the creation and completion of our beautiful smile makeovers. Throughout the makeover process, we use digital photography to communicate with you and our ceramists in order to insure that you receive the smile of your dreams. We also take lots of before and after photos of the work we do. Viewing our before and after photos can help you understand the quality of work we offer as well as the excellent results we strive to provide to our patients. Visit our smile gallery .